XStitch Magazine Issue One

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Contemporary Cross Stitch Magazine

A couple of months ago Mr X Stitch invited me to contribute to his new venture – XStitch Mag – as regular writer. I’m delighted to be able to share with you that XStitch Mag Issue 1 is now out and available to buy in print or digital download via www.xstitchmag.com.

Conteporary Cross Stitch Magazine

As the Kingpin of Contemporary Cross Stitch Mr X Stitch realised that there was a gap in the market for an edgier more contemporary type of cross stitch publication. Doing away with the kind of imagery that traditionally adorns cross stitch magazines such as flowers, fairies, and cute animals, Mr X has brought together a selection of much more contemporary designs including those inspired by tattoo design, Hip Hop,and the revolutionary artists Pussy Riot. There’s also instructions for making your own embroidered zoetrope in this first issue.

As well as new cross stitch designs the magazine is filled with articles by writers, artists and designers – including a regular column by yours truly which focuses upon the intersection between art and craft. The theme of this first issue is ‘Revolution’ which led me to write an article about the way in which the arts and crafts can be used to inspire revolution.

Head over to www.xstitchmag.com to pick up your copy of XStitch Mag issue 1 before it sells out completely!