Wild Man Unicorn Farmer

armer McPhallus - Unicorn Farmer and Wilder Mann costume by Spike Dennis

Wild Man Unicorn Farmer

Farmer McPhallus is a wild man unicorn farmer; my alter ego for a new series of works resulting from my unicorn studies.

The costume is inspired by traditions of wild man costumes that are a part of folk traditions around the world, particularity in northern Europe. The costume is comprised of a grey wolf head mask and a pair of trousers made up of the ‘skins’ of soft cuddly toys and teddy bears. The wild man’s body is white with black markings as pictured.

The body of work I’m producing around this character is performative, involving Invictus, my unicorn hobby-horse, as well as a number of other unicorns. It will take the form of video and live performances

armer McPhallus - Unicorn Farmer and Wilder Mann by Spike Dennis

Details of new videos and performances will be available in the coming weeks.