What Is Textiles? 2014 – Edinburgh Exhibition

Kalopsia - What Is Textiles? Exhibition 2014 Edinburgh

What Is Textiles?

I’m starting 2014 as I finished 2013, by exhibiting with Kalopsia in Edinburgh. This is the second iteration of their What Is Textiles? exhibition and this time the show will be held at Kalopsia’s new exhibition space in Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh. This time around the exhibition will feature my Baba Yaga embroidery.

Dates: 1 – 15 February 2014
Open Launch Party: Saturday 1 February, 7pm-9pm
Opening hours: 2 – 15 February 10am-6pm
Location: Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh

What Is Textiles? A show that sees Textiles as a distinct artistic practice, that opens up the debate on “What is Textiles?”.

What is Textiles to you? Is it the touch, the pattern, the movement, the sound, the smell, the process, the making, the feeling, the thinking, the colour, the history, the space, the touch…?

Kalopsia have sourced innovative and exciting work from different fields; work that explores the idea and pushes the boundaries of what Textiles can be – giving Textiles have a space in the contemporary art scene.

To find out more about Kalopsia visit www.kalopsiacollective.co.uk