Unicorn Embroidered in Ice

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Contemporary Cross Stitch Unicorn in Ice

My previous embroideries in ice have been constructed from individually embroidered cubes of ice that have been arranged to create images.

As you can see from the image above, this piece of work was embroidered in one whole block of ice which measures approximately 12 inches square and 2 inches deep.

Unusual Contemporary Embroidery with Ice

Embroidering this large block presented some different challenges to the previous images created with ice cubes. Whilst this allowed me to create a larger image in a smaller space I had difficulties with the threads that I was using to embroider the ice.

The holes in the ice are approximately 4mm in diameter and while the nylon thread I was initially using is only 1mm thick I couldn’t squeeze four threads through one of these holes at the juncture where four cross stitches convene.

As a result I ended up using traditional cotton embroidery floss. This sits a little flatter on top of the ice than the nylon thread and is also considerably more absorbent.

On the plus side, this larger block of ice melted a lot slower than the cubes due to it’s mass. The size of the structure also means that it is able to support itself which enables a more hands free approach to embroidering the ice further preventing any unwanted melting.