The Unicorn and the White Doe

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Unicorn with bursting heart
Breath of love has drawn:
On his desolate crags apart,
At rumour of dawn,

Has blared aloud his pride
This long age mute,
Lurched his horn from side to side,
Lunged with his foot.

`Like a storm of sand I run
Breaking the desert’s boundaries,
I go in hiding from the sun
In thick shade of trees.

`Straight was the track I took
Across the plains, but here with briar
And mire the tangled alleys crook,
Baulking desire.

`O there, what glinted white?
(A bough still shakes.)
What was it darted from my sight
Through the forest brakes?

`Where are you fled from me?
I pursue, you fade;
I run, you hide from me
In the dark glade.

Towering high the trees grow,
The grass grows thick.
Where you are I do not know,
You run so quick.’

by Robert Graves via:
Image above: Marginal decoration, Ormesby Psalter, early 14th Century. Oxford Bodleian Library.