What Is Textiles? Exhibition Photographs

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Kalopsia - What Is Textiles? Exhibition

What Is Textiles? Edinburgh Exhibition Photographs

The What is Textiles? exhibition was organised by Kalopsia Collective and hosted at Gallery 17 in Edinburgh. The show featured a number of embroideries from my Synchronous Hermaphrodites series alongside a broad range of textiles from around the world.

BY all accounts the exhibition was great success and there was some fantastic feedback with many visitors contributing their own thoughts with regard to ‘What Is Textiles?’. You can view some of these responses along with more photographs of the exhibition and artists work on the Kalopsia website here.

What Is Textiles? - Gallery 17 Edinburgh What Is Textiles? Spike Dennis - What Is Textiles? Keren Shiker - What Is Textiles? Kay Steven - What Is Textiles?