Stockholm Fringe Festival Photographs

Stockholm Fringe Festival  2013 Sweden

Stockholm Fringe Festival Photographs

I headed to Stockholm last week with the Pack of Wolves to deliver our first iteration of our Running with Wolves project. The project was programmed as a part of the Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) and saw us delivering mask making workshops throughout the festival. As a multi-disciplinary artist it was an interesting opportunity to view my practice in the context of a performance art festival.

The festival got off to a slow start but as the weekend approached more people started stopping by to make a mask with us including fellow STOFF artists, local children and friendly Australian travellers who were passing through Stockholm. By the Saturday our tables were so chock-a-block that potential wolves were sprawled out on the floor making their masks.

Below are a few images from our mask making workshops at the Stockholm Fringe Festival. Some more photographs of the project and the festival will be on the Pack of Wolves blog shortly too.
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Stockholm Fringe Festival - Running with WolvesStockholm Fringe Festival - Running with WolvesStockholm Fringe Festival - Running with Wolves

STOFF - Wolf MaskSTOFF - Wolf MaskSTOFF - Wolf Mask STOFF - Wolf MaskStockholm Fringe Festival 2013Stockholm Fringe Festival 2013