Stitched Shark Sketches

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Satin Stitch Embroidered Shark

Stitched Shark Sketches

I’ve been experimenting with different stitch types in preparation for a new piece of work. The two examples here show an image created using fill stitches versus an image created with a simple line.

Previous works such as my ‘Bound’ embroideries used a simple outline method like the image below. However, having created a number of these small sketches I think I’m going to proceed with a fully stitched image, possibly using satin stitch like the image above.

I’ll probably need o reduce the size of the image a touch though if I carry on with a satin stitch as it starts to look very rough when the stitches start exceeding a centimeter or so.

Embroidery of a Shark Man Hand Embroidered Shark Man