Stitch & Glitch

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Stitch 'n' Glitch Embroidered photograph

Stitch & Glitch

I’ve been working on something a little different lately; following my recent adventures in the mountains to the north I’ve started to embroidered into some of the photographs that I took there. I’ve been sharing snippets like those pictured here via my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Geometric Embroidered Patterns

Not wanting to give too much of my work in progress away I’ve been glitching many of the images before sharing them. This results in fractures across the images, heavy pixelation, and increased grain on the images, amongst other things.

However, I’m increasingly finding that these abstracted glitched images of my work in progress are as interesting, if not more so, than the original physical embroidery.

Sewing Glitch Embroidery

Conceptually these images could add an extra something to my practice but I’m not yet sure how to take them forward practically. Are these glitched images themselves the artwork or are they a stepping stone to something more interesting still?

I’ve tried creating embroidered glitch images before using cross stitch. Whilst the outcome was interesting the sharp pixelation was lost in the translation into fibre and the glitch effect lost it’s impact.