Stitch Fetish 2 Exhibition, Los Angeles

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Stitch Fetish 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Stitch Fetish 2: Electric Boogaloo Exhibition, Los Angeles

I’m delighted to be exhibiting in Los Angeles again this year as a part of Stitch Fetish 2: Electric Boogaloo at the Hive Gallery, curated by Ellen Schinderman.

Stitch Fetish 2, at The Hive Gallery, will continue to explore the art of the stitch (a rite and fetish unto itself), revealing the fetishized secrets lurking in the minds of the artists. Works of erotica and titillation! Works of dark fantasy and longing. Works of secrets never told, but long desired.

The exhibition will feature work from my Unicorn Dating series of embroideries which are the culmination so far of my unicorn research, and the result of a personals advert placed on Craigslist.

Exhibition Dates: 8 February – 1 March 2014
Location: The Hive Gallery, 729 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, United States

Exhibiting artists include:
Bren Ahearn | Mark Bieraugel | Katharine Lawrie | Amy Goldsmith Sheridan | Meghan Willis | Tara Fields | Carol Powell | Ashford Harrison | Mo Powers | Judith Pudden | Robert Marbury | Pita Garcia | Matthew Monthei, | Erin M Riley | Shae Merrit | Kevin Muth aka Dirty Pillowz | David & Vesna Miller | Ken Amarit | Hine Mizushima | Luke Haynes | Billy Kheel | Oh Sew Nerdy | Rebeka Trigg | Spike Dennis | Maxine Shaw | Maggie Hunt | Iviva Olenick | Reavis Eitel | Leah Emery | Ellen Schinderman