Spike on Illustration Radio

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Illustration Radio 02-04-2015 by Spike_Dennis on Mixcloud

The team behind Illustration Radio very kindly invited me to join them on air this last week to discuss the work I’m currently showing at The Sho galllery.

We were joined on air by renowned Welsh painter Shani Rhys James who currently has a major exhibition at the National Library of Wales.

This made for an interesting contrast in terms of approaching the creation of work from within and without. You can listen to this broadcast above.

Illustration Radio is a new venture by Amelia Johnstone in collaboration with Pitch on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM.

Illustration Radio expands the discussion around art and design relative to society, politics, morality and every other issue talk-aboutable, encouraging a dialogue between the context of the ‘image’, in the broadest sense of the word, and the imagination and knowledge of the viewer.

Illustration Radio is all about the encounter; imagery which we stumble upon, imagery that we listen to, and even converse with.

You can listen to Illustration Radio every Thursday on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM, or else you can listen to archived broadcasts on their Mixcloud page here.

*illustration by Amelia Johnstone