Sailing South from Fjortende Julibukta

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Sailing South from Fjortende Julibukta

After a dismal day at Fjortende Julibukta dining out on ice whilst dressed as a polar bear we headed South.

We still had a long way south to make it so the day was spent on deck taking in Svalbard’s mountainous coastlines which never failed to mesmerize me.

Our shipmate Oskar tried to make the most of the day by dragging the Acceptance in the water behind the ship again in hope of collecting some micro-beads…

Sailing South from Fjortende Julibukta

Unfortunately disaster ensued when the Acceptance broke free from it’s tether!

This resulted in a man-over-board drill in order to try and locate it. Upon realising that the Acceptance had broken free Oskar had thrown a life ring overboard to try and mark the spot at which the contraction had been cut loose. The Captain turned the ship around and we started to travel in circles to try and locate the life ring and the Acceptance.

It became a tiring afternoon on deck. Chaos ensued at first due to some mis-(lack of)communication from the Captain (too long spent out at sea I imagine) before we were split into two groups (Starboard and Port-side). Each group took shifts keeping a lookout in the midst of a small snow storm for any sign of the Acceptance in the cold arctic waters. It was a thankless task but eventually we recovered the life ring. Unfortunately the Acceptance was lost to the dark depths!