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Night for Day Photography in the Vale of Glamorgan

I’ve recently been working on a photographic project focusing on the Village of St Hilary in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The projects has involved undertaking some research into the history of the village. During this research I’ve been identifying characters who feature in the documented history of the village. It’s the stories surrounding these individuals that I’m using as inspiration to construct my images

This project has involved a number of trips out to St Hilary in order to scout out locations to use for the photographs.

The image at the top is actually of St Illtyd’s church which is down the road from the village of St Hilary and was taken whilst I was undertaking some of my very early explorations.

The image below are all taken around the vicinity of St Hilary.

The Clump, Stalling Down, Vale of Glamorgan

The Clump is a group of trees that were planted at the top of St Hilary Down to commemorate the battle of Waterloo.

Llanfair, The Vale of Glamorgan

Village Farm is an old stone cottage that sits at the heart of the village.

The Bush Inn Pub, Vale of Glamorgan

The Bush Inn is a Grade II listed picturesque thatched pub and has been at the heart of village life in St Hilary for many years. It was also featured as a location in an episode of BBCs Sherlock – The Hounds of Baskerville.

Vale of Glamorgan Churches

St Hilary Church is located in the centre of the village and is over 900 years old.

Stalling Down

St Hilary Downs.

You can find out more about the village of St Hilary on the village website here.