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Through Technology I multiply myself 

Kanye West vs. Wes Anderson Mashup Is a Hipster Dream - E! Online

Meme captioned 'you were merely sent to horny jail, I was born in it... |  Download Scientific Diagram

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Success Kid Helps Raise $100K For Father's Kidney Transplant -  Entertainment News

When high and pop culture (re)mix: An inquiry into the memetic transformations of artwork

Tali Aharoni (2019)

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Why did the chicken rowed the cross?

In Defense of the Poor Image

Hito Steyerl

"Memetic media are premised on participation by reappropriation, on balancing the familiar and the foreign as new iterations intertwine with established ideas [...] Memetic media are aggregate texts, collectively created, circulated, and transformed by countless cultural participants. They're innumerable - as dense as they are vibrant - and understanding their implications for public conversation requires understanding intertextual connections, even when assessing singular texts."


"Stitching together multiple strands from a shared premise, each of these images is an intertextual thread in a broader social tapestry. These threads can be vastly public, communally social, or intimately interpersonal. Together, they're the cultural work of public participants who create, circulate, and transform media for their own communicative ends, weaving complex conversations as they go."

"The line between internet culture and popular culture has long been a blurry one"

"Creative production has long been theorised in terms f reappropriation. Claude Levi-Strauss ([1962] 1966) - himself reappropriating the verb for 'extraneous movement' - speaks of the centrality of 'bricolage' in folk cultures. The 'bricoleur', he argues, is a cultural participant who produces differently than the 'craftsperson'."

..."memetic media are ripe with bricolage"


Milner, R. (2016). The World Made Meme: Public Conversations and Participatory Media. Cambridge Massachussets: The MIT Press

Nyan Cat (Music Video 2011) - IMDb

And miles to go. Before we sleep


Kurger Bing - We made the pigkles outta shid too lmao | Facebook

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Jake and Dinos Chapman, Hell (20??)









10 Funniest Avengers Memes - Comediva

Beyonce hypercapitalism

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Sampler (motifs & Biblical verse), made in Wales, 1835

Rebeckah Jenkins (1835) from the St Fagans museum archive

Embroidered Welsh Samplers - SampleriCymreig | St Fagans Museum Wales

recumbent stag created by Elizabeth Harvey in Penarth (1815) from the St Fagans Museum archive

Sampler (motifs & alphabet), made in Llandeilo, 1852

Williams, Mary (1852) from St Fagans Museum archive

So you're telling me I can't haz cheezburger? - Misc - quickmeme

Embroidery – a history of needlework samplers

V&A Museum

But the historical association of embroidery with the feminine has led many to overlook its history as a subversive medium. In addition to being a record of daily life, an embroidered work may have been one of the only places a young woman could safely voice subversive statements and resist forms of patriarchy.

Barbara Kruger,  Untitled (The future belongs to those who can see it) (1997)

Barbara Kruger - Untitled (The Future Belongs to Those Who Can See It)  Postcard - Printed Matter


Embroidery as resistance can also been seen in a more public form in the work of the Artists’ Suffrage League in England. Between 1908 and 1913 the Artists’ Suffrage League embroidered over 150 protest banners to support the women’s suffrage movement. These large scale works of embroidery were used in physical protests, to resist patriarchy and assert the rights of women.

"Two main repackaging mechanisms of memes are prevalent on the Web: mimicry and remix. Mimicry involves the practice of 'redoing' - the re-creation of a specific text by other people and/or by other means. [...] Mimicry and remix are thus conquering the Web, and the term 'meme' seems particularly suitable to describe this glut of reworks, as the concept - deliberately connoting 'mimesis' - is flexible enough to capture a wide range of communicative intentions and actions spanning all the way from naive copying to scornful imitation."


"'bad' texts make 'good' memes in contemporary participatory culture"


"memes allow citizens to participate in public, collective actions, while maintaining their sense of individuality"


Shifman, L. (2014). Memes in Digital Culture. Cambridge, Massachusetts, The MIT Press

dead matter is the link to the seeming oblivion of deep time

in effect, the entire Earth is a wadded tissue of vomited milk

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Fountain (Buddha) a bronze remake by Sherrie Levine, 1996

Marcel Duchamp Fountain, 1917, photograph by Alfred Stieglitz

You're vibing in this economy?

Making sense? The structure and meanings of digital memetic nonsense

Shifman & Katz (2017)