Punch & Judy Puppets

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Work in Progress: Punch & Judy Puppets Work in Progress: Punch & Judy Puppets

Punch & Judy Puppets

We’ve recently been working on some Punch & Judy puppets for the Pack of Wolves’ exhibition at Milkwood Gallery that opens later this month. I was tasked with working on the policemen and doctor puppets pictured here. They’re still both works in progress at this stage but they’ll be finished in good time for a dress rehearsal.

The painting of the heads for these puppets was undertaken by fellow member of the Pack of Wolves, Layla Holzer. She has also painted up a wonderful crocodile puppet which I’ve yet to make a body for.

The exhibition at Milkwood gallery opens on the 27 February and runs until the 9 March. we will be performing our Punch and Judy Puppet show on Saturday the 2 March along with a shadow puppet show of the Jabberwocky.