Original Nu-Skool Breaks Set

Nu-Skool Breaks by Spike_Dennis on Mixcloud

I was having a spring clean this weekend and came across a dusty old CD behind the sofa which contained this mix. It’s one of the first mixes I ever recorded and features a range of Nu-Skool Breaks and a little smattering of Two Step. Being an early mix it’s not the slickest but there are some tasty little tracks in there.

Turn it up loud and have a cheeky listen. It’s not bad even if I do so say myself!

1. Robert Irwin: An Introduction to Music
2. The Foremost Poets: Moonraker (Accapella)
3. Hybrid : Know Your Enemy
4. B.L.I.M & Rennie Pilgrim: Triffid
5. B.L.I.M.: Driving
6. Koma & Bones: High Rollin’ (Future Funk Squad Remix)
7. Terminalhead: Mind of Your Own
8: Mindmuggaz vs Missy Elliot: One Minute Man (Bootleg)
9. Plump DJs: Move It With Your Mind
10. Shanks & Bigfoot: Sweet Like Chocolate
11. The Streets: Lets Push Things Forward (Zed Bias Remix)
12. Krafty Kuts: Funky Ass Beat (Ed Solo Remix)
13. Raw As F**K: Demon Beats
14. Disco Assassins: Hook You Up
15. Afrika Bambaataa: Funky Heroes (Krafty Kuts Zulu Funk Mix)
16. Freq Nasty: Fresh