Unicorn Dating aka The Hunt for the Unicorn

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Unicorn Dating | Subversive Cross Stitch by Spike Dennis

New Work – Unicorn Dating

I’ve just published the first in a new series of embroidered artworks to my online portfolio at www.spikedennis.com.

The works, entitled Unicorn Dating, take the form of a series of hand embroidered subversive cross stitch samplers. The inspiration for the work originated through by research into the symbolic unicorn, and in particular the medieval tale which tells of how a unicorn can only be captured by a young virgin.

The design of these works draws inspiration from old European samplers as you might be able to tell from the image above. A number of the works have QR codes embroidered into them which provide links to content at www.unicorn-dating.com.

To view the works click here; but please bear in mind that there is a lot of graphic content and strong language contained within these works – you have been warned!