Made in Roath Open Exhibition Prize Winner

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Wild Man #1 (Farmer McPhallus) Contemporary Video Performance Art

Made in Roath Open Exhibition Prize Winner

I’m very chuffed to have been selected as one of the winners at the Made in Roath open exhibition in Cardiff this week. The exhibition is currently open at The Sho Gallery and was judged by Chris Brown (G39) and Ben Borthwick (formerly Tate, Artes Mundi).

The exhibition is a true open and features a wide array of work by local artists. This includes landscape painting, drawing and some textile art amongst others. The exhibition features a couple of my puppets as well as a video installation, ‘Wild Man #1’ (pictured above), which was selected as a winning work.

‘Wild Man #1’ follows on from my unicorn research and taps into my interests in folk traditions, ritual, and the carnivalesque. As the first in a new series of works I’m delieghted it was recieved so positively.

You can view the Made in Roath Open exhibition at The Sho Gallery until the 29 September.

In addition to the Open exhibition there are a whole host of other events including, but certainly not limited to, poetry readings, exhibitions, performances and interventions.

Made in Roath is an artist-led festival which aims to take art out of the gallery and into the wider community, allowing a larger and broader audience to access the wealth of creative talent in our neighbourhood. It showcases the work of emerging and established artists, makers, musicians, writers and performers, who use the whole of Roath as the venue, including domestic, commercial, public and overlooked or disused spaces.

Find out more about Made in Roath and all the events taking place this year on their website: