Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise, and Super Storms

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Dr James Hansen is a world renowned climate scientist. He recently published the paper ‘Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms’ in the Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics which was co-authored with 18 other international scientists.

The above video is an abstract of the paper which covers some of the main concerns that he and his team have noted. Ultimately, Dr Hansen’s findings predict that sea levels will rise much sooner and much more quickly than anyone has previously anticipated.

“What we’re threatening to do to the future of young people is … irreversible, irreparable harm… We have reached a point where this is really urgent. We can’t continue on this path of just hoping that emissions will go down, we’re going to actually have to take the actions.”

Slate Magazine have described this video abstract as “the video that all the world leaders ignored in The Day After Tomorrow“.

Hansen predicts “the loss of all coastal cities … and all their history” if sea level rises as his model suggests that they might. He notes that this could see rises of several metres during the next century which would render most coastal cities uninhabitable!

According to The Guardian, Tom Wagner, Nasa’s program scientist for the cryosphere called this paper a provocative piece of research and notes that some of Hansen’s findings are at odds with other research but acknowledges the effort that has been made to combine work from numerous different fields to help us better understand the ice sheets.

A digital copy of Dr Hansen’s paper can be accessed online here.