Embroidering Ice with Light

Ice & Light Cmbroidery

My experimental approach to embroidery with ice continues! On this occasion I cross-stitched some ice cubes with light using electro-luminescent wire.

The outcome as you can see from these photographs was rather dramatic!

I was particularly interested in the way in which the wire disentangled itself from the melting ice (pictured below). The electro-luminescent wire has a lot more (physical not electrical) resistance than the nylon threads that I’ve used to embroider previous pieces of ice.

As a result there was a lot more movement from the work as the ice melted which provides me with new opportunities. This movement caused by the wire could be exploited to achieve different ends both physically and conceptually.

Light entangled in melting ice Light unraveling in ic

As a result of this experiment I would assume that I will be able to achieve similar movement in these ice embroideries by using other non-luminescent wires which is also something to bear in mind for future works.

Unfortunately, as we all know, water and electricity don’t mix well! So, despite the images above I wasn’t able to produce a time-lapse of the embroidery melting as the majority of the images that I captured were unusable. This was down to a simple error on my part in sealing the wire properly which I believe can be easily addressed in future.