Embroidered Zoetropes by Elliot Schultz

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Embroidered Zoetropes by Elliot Schultz

I’ve noticed these animated embroideries poping up on a lot of art and design blogs recently. They’re a clever approach to the creation of Zoetrope animation.

Zoetropes are a filmless animation technique that relies on a rotating sequence of images or objects which when lit with a strobe light (or similar) create the illusion of motion.

These embroidered zoetropes were created for the ANU School of Art Degree Show in Australia by graduate Elliot Schulz who states:

My work aims to investigate the use of unconventional media in both the production and presentation of animated work. Early pioneers of the art form experimented with the combination of hand drawn animation and live action performances, demonstrating the natural inclusiveness of animation which invites a wide variety of media to be used in the creation process.

Embroidered Zoetropes

It’s a clever idea and combines old craft methods with more recent technologies in way that produces some great results. I’m interested in ways in which new and old technologies can be combined and have started to explore this myself through works such as Content Moderated which combines cross stitch with micro processors and servo motors.

Whilst the idea of presenting the viewer with a physical, rather than screen-based, animation is fascinating it’s a shame that the artist didn’t reach beyond the exploration of the media he’s using. Whilst the results of this project are visually impressive the content of the embroidered animations doesn’t communicate anything particularly meaningful. Still, it’s an interesting starting point from which to explore some new ideas.

You can view more of Elliot Schulz’s work via his website: www.elliotschultz.com

Embroidered Zoetropes Embroidered Zoetropes