C’est Celestial

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‘C’est Celestial’ – One woman’s bittersweet memories of love. Experimental video art featuring re-appropriated 80’s pornographic footage from 35mm film reels. Co-directed by composer Marina Elderton (of C’est Celestial) and filmmaker Artemis Evlogimenou.

I really rather like this short film by Artemis Evlogimenou and Marina Elderton. In many ways it reminds me of some of the short films made by Stan Brakhage (‘The Stars Are Beautiful’ is a particular favourite of mine!).

Despite re-appropriating old pornographic film footage, which one might have thought would produce some rather vulgar imagery, this short feels surprisingly intimate. The intimacy is challenged though through the editing, and some quick flashes of imagery, that conveys a subtle violence; which I suppose reflects the fact that this film is described as ‘one woman’s bittersweet memories of love’.

I don’t know much about the artists at all other than what is mentioned in the caption beneath the video but I’ll be keeping an eye on their Vimeo accounts for any future short films that might pop up.