Breakbeat Party Mix

Breakbeat Party Mixtape by Spike_Dennis on Mixcloud

I’m waiting on some new time-coded vinyl at the moment so I dug out a few old records from a couple of years ago. It would seem that I’m a bit rusty but I re-discovered some great bootlegs and party tracks lurking in my record box.

Play it loud and enjoy it!

1. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Quickie & rRerun Bootleg)
2. Benga & Coki – Night (Slyde Remix)
3. Shystie – Nu-Style
4. De*Kline & Red Polo – Young Ones
5. Unknown -Unknown
6. Deekline & Ed Solo – Handz Up (Stanton Warriors Mix)
7. N.O.A.H. – Tu Cafe (Defkline & Red Polo Remix)
8. Snap – The Power (Black Label Bootleg Mix)
9. Pendulum – Painkiller (Ed Solo Remix)
10. Davis Bowie – Lets Dance (Breaks Booty Mix)
11. New Order – Blue Monday (Original Version)
12. The Smiths – How Soon is Now (Crisp Biscuit Mix)