Artist Video Interview: Erin M. Riley

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Artist Video Interview: Erin M. Riley

I came across this great little video interview with Erin M. Riley the other day. I’m very familiar with Erin’s work and have had the pleasure of exhibiting alongside her in a couple of shows over the last year or so but I hadn’t seen this interview before.

For those of you who don’t know her work, Erin produces hand woven tapestries from photos that might otherwise be associated with the likes of Snapchat or Tumblr posts. Imagery often includes semi-naked women, used condoms and drug paraphernalia.

I grew up on the internet, so for me nudity is very normal, and when I was on AOL and when I was on these early chatroom things there was always this nudity, and maybe I am really desensitized to it and I am very much not shocked by it. I do know that it’s shocking but I don’t intend it to be. I intend it to be more like: “This is what’s going on!”

As an artist who also grew up on the internet and now works with textile based material processes along with contemporary (often explicit) content sourced via the internet I find I can relate to a lot of what Erin says in the video above. I was particularly interested her comments about the medium of the work removing the work from the pornographic realm.

Whilst the response of others to some of my work can be that of shock and disgust it’s good to hear that I’m not alone in my attitude and approach towards the content that I’m using as source material for my work.

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