Arctic Glove Puppet

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Whilst I was out i the Arctic I created a little glove puppet from a scrap of fabric and a piece of glacial ice that had been washed up. I shot the clip above to document the existence of this puppet!

Carving the ice wasn’t particularly easy but fortunately after scouring the water’s edge I was able to find a piece of ice which was more or less a ready-made head for a glove puppet.

I was delighted by the effect created by using a piece of ice for the head of this puppet but unfortunately I didn’t manage to develop it any further than this whilst I was away. This was primarily as a result of not managing to establish a context for the puppet.

It’s a shame that I didn’t manage to follow this little experiment through as shooting a puppet video against the backdrop of a glacier – as in the clip above – makes for a breathtaking backdrop.