Architecture & Photography

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Mercure Holland House Hotel Cardiff

Architecture & Photography

I’m halfway through my photography course at Ffotogallery.

As a part of the course I’m required to complete a self initiated project. After a little research I’ve elected to complete a project on architectural photography – not something I would ever have imagined before I’d started this course!

Architectural Photography - Premier Inn Cardiff

There’s quite the array of different architectural styles to see in Cardiff. I’ve decide against photographing what I thought might be the most obvious buildings such as City Hall or the Wales Millennium Centre.

Instead I’ve opted to focus on the city’s hotels. The majority of them are not what one would traditionally label as beautiful buildings – which is what I thought might make for an interesting project.

These photos (above) are some of my first recce shots that I’ve taken as I’ve started looking at these buildings.

Hopefully by the time I’ve completed the course I’ll have an interesting collection of photos to share!