Adventures in Photography at Ffotogallery

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Ffotogallery's Short Course in Photography

Adventures in Photography at Ffotogallery

I’ve just enrolled onto the Introduction to Photography course at Ffotogallery in order to learn how to take better photographs.

It’s about time I sharpened my photography skills since I have been making use of more photography in my work recently. I’ve also got a couple of new projects on the back burner which I think I’ll benefit from a lot more if my photography skills are sharpened!

The pictures here are a couple that I shot during lesson one as we were being walked through the functions on our cameras.

Short Courses in photography at Ffotogallery Beginners course in photography at Ffotogallery

I’m fairly comfortable using a camera although the outcome of my photography has been down to luck more than judgement so far. I’m hoping that a short course in photography at Ffotogallery can reverse that.

My first lesson was great; whilst I already had some knowledge of f-stops and shutter speeds most of what I already knew was learned through trial and error.

It was really useful to be taught the mechanics to help get a better understanding of why and how changes to the cameras settings can impact upon your images.

So with my weekly outings to Ffotogallery you can expect to find a little more photography on my blog in future!