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360 Degree Video Capture

360 degree Video of the Arctic

Doing nothing is something worth doing – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

These awesome 360 degree videos of my arctic adventure were captured by fellow artist-explorer Tim Van Der Meer using a 360 degree Ricoh Theta camera. She was using this camera to capture materials for a new collaborative project that she’s working on.

We didn’t get any little previews of the footage that Tim captured in the arctic whilst we were out there due to the nature of the 360 degree camera – the footage requires a little more specialist treatment than traditional video footage – so it was fantatsic to finally see some of these snippets that she shared online recently.

The image above is a still photograph captured in 360 degrees. If you click and drag on the image you can explore all 360 degrees.

Below is a short 360 degree clip which was captured by climbing up the mast of the ship with the camera which you can click and drag to explore whilst the video plays.

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Tim is an interdisciplinary artist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, whose practice is centered upon the relationship between humans and nature. She was joined in the arctic by cultural anthropologist Laurie Hermans with who she was collaborating for the Kaartdragers project.

Kaartdragers translates as ‘Map Bearers’. Their aim is to tell the story of the changing arctic landscape through associative maps which feature stories told by individuals, some of who live in the arctic, some of whom were visiting.

They plan to publish an interactive website through which visitors will be able to engage with these stories. My understanding is that some of the 360 degree video content captured by Tim and Laurie will provide content for this new website. Having been privy to the work in progress, and now having seen these 360 degree snippets I’m excited to see how their project comes together!

For news and updates on their Kaartdragers project keep an eye on their website: