Greenpeace + Rebobinart Urban Art Campaign

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In April 2016 Greenpeace and Rebobinart invited artists to apply to take part in a urban art campaign aimed at raising awareness about climate change and issues affecting the Arctic and its delicate ecosystem.

32 artists were selected from hundreds of applications and invited to paint murals on public walls in Barcelona. The organisers managed to secure 900 metres of wall space that the artists could legally use to create their street art murals.

Save The Arctic
Mural by Pau Lopez

This seems like a great use of public space and way to make use of street art to raise awareness of global social issues.

Here in Cardiff, for example, there have been a great number of large scale murals popping up around tthe city over the last couple of years. I believe a number of these have been created with the City Council’s approval, and many have them resulted from the 2013 Empty Walls festival.

Unfortunately, these examples in Cardiff are little more than aesthetic decoration. As the Empty Walls webiste states: “Our aim is to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff“.

Yet these works could be doing so much more than bringing colour to the city – they could be conveying important messages and raising awareness of issues that affect us all, much like this collaboration between Greenpeace and Rebobinart.

Mural by Eva Zurita
Mural by Eva Zurita

Find out more about Rebobinart’s Save the Arctic project on their website: (Spanish) or on the Greenpeace blog here.