York Ice Trail 2015

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Works of art sculpted in ice appeared throughout the city of York, England, on the second weekend of December this year. The York Ice Trail The city commissioned 30 sculptures by Glacial Art Ice Sculptors in Liverpool.

There were 30 sculptures across the city including Yoda (from Star Wars), Aslan (from the Chronicles of Narnia), a UFO, an ice skating viking, and a pair of angel wings.

Ice Angel Sculpture in York

Having been working with ice lately it is interesting to note that these sculptures were created using using only traditional techniques: no molds, no computer-aided cutting machines. Everything is hand-carved out of 3-foot blocks of ice.

We hand-carve all ice sculptures using traditional techniques, we don’t use computer aided cutting machines and we certainly don’t use moulds.

On the other hand I have been using computer aided cutting and printing machines to create molds for my ice embroideries – but then my aims and outputs are quite different!

The sculptors do however use water to bond pieces of ice together to create larger sculptures which is how I’ve been constructing my cross stitched ice embroideries.

You can view more work by Glacial Art on their website here.