Wales Blog Awards 2014

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Wales Blog_ Awards 2014 - Best Multimedia Blog

Wales Blog Awards 2014

I visited Chapter last week to attend the Wales Blog Awards. It wouldn’t normally be my kind of event but my Drowning Dogs blog was short-listed for the ‘Best Multimedia Blog’ award.

If you haven’t visited it before, Drowning Dogs is a collection of hand written interviews with artists that are conducted via the postal service. There’s a growing collection of interviews from around the world – do go check them out!

My fellow category finalists were the Blakeson Mashup Video Project and Hello Telegramme. All three finalists are very different blogs and I had no idea which way the judges would vote so I was surprised when Drowning Dogs was announced as the winner.

I was presented with a large Wales Blog Awards trophy, fittingly in the shape of an artists mannequin, and posed for a rather awkward photograph (public appearances and photographs really aren’t my thing!) with Lloyd from Rockadove who had sponsored the award. I declined to take to the mic to thank my mum, my dad and the lord above like the other winners but I did get roped into saying a few words on camera and that will no doubt surface on-line in the not too distant future.

For a full list of winners check out this post on the Wales Blog Awards website.