Travel Photographer of the Year: Wild & Vibrant

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Travel Photographer of the Year: One Shot – Wild & Vibrant

Joshua Holko was the winner of the Travel Photographer of the Year One Shot – Wild & Vibrant category at the 2014 awards. He won the category with this image (above) of a polar bear taken in the Svalbard region of the arctic.

The judges said of Joshua’s image:

In a time of environmental change the polar bear has become a powerful symbol of man’s impact on our climate. The wildness of this image is evident but the image also conveys vibrancy, both in colour and in the sense of power and energy. The elegance of the setting contrasts with the gruesome natural way of life in this harsh environment of Svalbard while the two splashes of red connect death with survival.

You can view mor of Joshua’s work on his website: (NB. the site takes forever and a day to load and due to being built on Flash it may not be viewable on all devices)