Spike Dennis' Artist Blog


An embroidered photograph of the mountains of Svalbard
Treading Clouds And Updraughts (Liathach)
Instangram Takeover Oriel Davies
Embroidered Ice Heart by Spike Dennis
New Beaupre
Architectural Photography in Cardiff
Maurizio Anzeri - Portrait Yellow
Mothers Of Africa quilt square by Maggie Cullinane
Marc Thomas photographed for Project Cardiff
Cowbridge Christmas Craft Sale
Strumble Head Lighthouse
Cosmic Silver Star Sailor Embroidery | Spike Dennis 2012
Andy Kelly photographed by Lann Niziblian for Project Cardiff 2012
Ruth Mansley - Unicorn with Leg Warmers
Manifesto Exhibition | www.packofwolves.org
Unicorn Embroidery on Black | Spike Dennis 2012
Manifesto - Ink on Paper by Spike Dennis
Handmade Sewing Case by Monica Dennis
Cardiff Life Magazine | August 2012 featuring Spike Dennis
Corinna Spencer Mail Art
Mail Art by Toby Joe Holzer
Mail Art by James Green


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