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Fibremen 3 – Ukraine Exhibition

Fibremen 3 – Kherson, Ukraine I’m delighted to have had my Baba Yaga embroidery selected for Fibremen 3; an international fibre art exhibition of contemporary and innovative fibre works submitted by men. The exhibition, organised by Ludmila Egorova of Scythia, will take place in Kherson, Ukraine this October/November. The Fibremen exhibition is designed to broaden […]

Hand Embroidered Unicorn Jumping Jack Puppet

Hand Embroidered Unicorn Jumping Jack Puppet I created this puppet from some white woollen fabric and cotton thread. The fabric is stretched across a wire frame that it’s stitched to in a similar fashion to the way in which stumpwork embroidery is constructed. The limbs are jointed using a simple French knot stitch and then […]

30 Shades of Flesh

30 Shades of Flesh So having recently finished my Synchronous Hermaphrodites embroideries which I’ve been working on for the last six months I’ve spent finally gotten around to making a start on a new project. Up until now I have predominantly worked with a split stitch in my embroideries. However this new project will be […]

Facial Recognition by Colleen Toutant Merrill

Facial Recognition by Colleen Toutant Merrill I’ve come across quite a bit of work over recent months that makes use of the process of embroidering onto photographs. The majority of embroidered photographs don’t seem to delve much deeper than an aesthetic level and simply serve to prettify the photographs with colourful threads – often in […]

Drawing in Between Exhibition Photographs

Drawing in Between Exhibition Photographs A selection of my embroideries were exhibited at the Howard Gardens galleries at Cardiff School of art and Design last week as a part of their Drawing in Between symposium and exhibition. The exhibition featured work by artists fro across all disciplines as it sought to explore how Drawing is […]