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Facial Recognition by Colleen Toutant Merrill

Facial Recognition by Colleen Toutant Merrill I’ve come across quite a bit of work over recent months that makes use of the process of embroidering onto photographs. The majority of embroidered photographs don’t seem to delve much deeper than an aesthetic level and simply serve to prettify the photographs with colourful threads – often in […]

Caviar Crackle Album Artwork

Caviar Crackle Artwork Toward the end of last year the Mayor of Associated Minds record label got in touch with me with regard to stitching up a sublime gold storm for the new Metabeats album Caviar Crackle. The design was put together by Matt Joyce aka themeekshall with the Mayor and Metabeats and then handed […]

Drawing in Between Exhibition Photographs

Drawing in Between Exhibition Photographs A selection of my embroideries were exhibited at the Howard Gardens galleries at Cardiff School of art and Design last week as a part of their Drawing in Between symposium and exhibition. The exhibition featured work by artists fro across all disciplines as it sought to explore how Drawing is […]

Drawing in Between Seminar

Image: Natasha Mayo Studio Practice Drawing In Between: Interdisciplinary Learning Through Drawing I’ll be exhibiting work from my series of Synchronous Hermaphrodites embroideries at the Howard Gardens Gallery in Cardiff next week to coincide with Cardiff School of Art & Design’s Drawing in Between seminar. Drawing is the first means by which we reach out […]

Handmade Cluedo Quilt

Mother Spike’s Handmade Cluedo Quilt My mother is a crafty soul and a dab hand with a needle and thread. Her current fancy is for patchwork and quilting which has led to the creation of this Cluedo inspired masterpiece. She made this quilt for my brother and it’s been custom made with each family member […]