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Beastly Mannequin

This is just a quick snapshot of the very early stages of a new work. Following on from my recent bestial drawings and embroideries I’ve returned to my Grotesques with this new mannequin’s head that I’ve started work on. It’s part of an ongoing exploration of the grotesque themes that inform certain strands within my

Experiments with Light: Lithuania

My work will be on display in Lithuania as a part of an exhibition hosted by The Textile Artists’ Guild in Kaunas this month. The exhibition, entitled Experiments with Light, has been curated by Jolanta Šmidtiene and Dovil? Vanagaite. The brand new Kaunas arena’ media centre will be transformed for an international exhibition in which

Plaster Coated Teddy Bears

I do love a good installation created from multiple like objects. This one is created by taking numerous pre-owned, cuddled, and loved soft toys and dunking them in building plaster. It’s rather effective seeing the crusty toys discarded across the gallery floor knowing that someone’s childhood memories are preserved within the brittle plaster shells. Although

Wire Sculptures

I’ve been indulging in a lot of drawing lately but I’ve not been neglecting my three dimensional work altogether. This is a little snippet of the current piece I’m working on in the studio at the moment. Created from wire and gloss paint the work is a continuation of studies that started with last year’s

In Bloom

These are just a couple of quick snaps of some objects I’ve been making this week. They’re simple constructions made from synthetic fur an clay. I’d been meaning to see how the two materials might work together for a little while before coming across Elysium Gallery’s current call for artworks from Wales based artists for

Gelitin’s Pink Bunny

I just stumbled across this lovely sculpture by the Austrian artist collective Gelitin. It’s constructed from fabric stuffed with hay and was apparently installed on the hillside in Italy pictured in 2005. The group write of the piece “The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one