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Collaboration Part 4: Illustrated Objects

Here are some more snippets from the collaborative creatures I’m working on at the moment with Layla Holzer. I thin you’ll agree that the nightingale painted up by Layla is a real thing of beauty. That particular piece will form a part of the puppet that illustrates the Grimm’s Jorinda and Joringel story.

Collaboration Part 3: Body Parts

These are some images of the body parts I stitched together over the weekend as part of a collborative project I’m working on with the magical illustrator Layla Holzer. The final puppets will take a puppet-like form constructed from a range of materials. These Louise Bourgeois-esque body parts have been constructed from pink towelling and […]

Collaboration Part 2: Fur Lining

As previously mentioned on this blog I’ve recently started working on some collaborative sculptures with the wonderful illustrator Layla Holzer. The work is being prepared for a an exhibition of fairy tale inspired works that are to be exhibited at St Donat’s Art Centre next month. We’ve chosen to work with three stories by the […]


Say hello to Invictus*, the first hobby-horse I’ve created as a part of my polycorn-posse. For those who don’t already know Invictus is the result of my current Unicorn-Porn project. The project initially started with an inquiry into some Welsh myths and legends and has since morphed into this body of work which, amongst other […]