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FringeMK Catalogue

I got my hands on a copy of the catalogue from the FringeMK exhibitions. It features my work ‘Blossom: The Space Between Us’ which was short-listed for the painting prize back in May. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the exhibition featuring the prize winning finalists Emma Talbot, Michele Fletcher, Jake Clark, and […]

A Moving Exhibition Book

The Moving Exhibition book has finally been published. This catalogue documents the series of exhibitions that took place across London throughout the first 6 months of this year featuring Spike’s epic installation ‘Blossom: The Space Between Us’. In addition to those involved in the exhibition the book also contains photographs of the various exhibitions and events as […]

Cut-Click Zine

Spike has been invited to contribute a piece of work to the first ever printed copy of Cut-Click Magazine. The work produced, entitled Possessor of Supreme Power, is a new work which marks a point of diversion within Spike’s work. The magazine will be of a limited run and available this summer. More details will follow […]