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Stitched Canvas

Just a quick snap of a little… sketch(?) that I’m working on. I’ve been working with black thread on canvas. Replacing drawn lines with stitched lines is considerably more time consuming so I hope this is worth the effort by the time it’s finished! (apologies for the crap quality photo!).

Clay Work

I’ve been working with a lot of clay lately as a part of a new installation I’m working on. Currently I’m using it in conjunction with other materials but I’ve really been enjoying using it and started to explore ways in which I might be able to use it to realise other ideas I’ve been […]

Betsy Walton

    I just discovered these paintings by Betsy Walton. They’re a little bit twee but I really like the mood of them. I’m particulary fond of the use of form and line in them too although personally I think I’d prefer them without the figures in them.