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Yago Hortal

Depiste initially ‘training’ as a painter it’s not that often these days I come across paintings that really tickle my fancy. These works by Yago Hortal however really caught my eye. He’s a Spanish painter currently working out of Berlin. I suppose it’s the strong colours combined with the fluidity and viscosity of the paint

Disgusting Lumps

This new painting is something I’ve been working on that takes some ideas I was working with a couple of years ago and updates them somewhat. I originally ran out of steam when working on such works before but new themes and concepts that I have been working with have enabled me to breathe new

Brendan Stuart Burns

I’ve just discovered that Brendan Burns is exhibiting at the Oriel Myrddin in Carmarthen next month. I haven’t been so excited about an exhibition here in South Wales for some time. I love Brendan’s work. It’s not often that paintings move me any more, and especially not those paintings of contemporary artists. Brendan’s work however,