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Pack of Wolves

The Elder Tree Dark Folk Lament
Mother Christmas Paper Cut Shadow Puppets
Automaton: Drowning (Not Waving) Automata
Kalopsia Contextiles-Isation Exhibition Performance Textiles Edinburgh
Punch and Judy puppets by Layla Holzer
Stockholm Fringe Festival - Running with Wolves
Stockholm Fringe Festival 2013 Sweden
Layla's Wolf Mask for Stockholm Fringe Festival
Wolf Mask Making for the Stockholm Fringe Festival
Exquisite Corpses by the Pack of Wolves
Once Upon Again | Winns Gallery
Marionette -Rychard (Selador Records)
Laser Cutting Induction - Pack of Wolves Logo
Once Upon Again Fairy Tale exhibition 2013
Jabberwocky Shadow Puppet Performance
Punch & Judy
Punch Puppet - Punch & Judy
Punch Puppet - Punch & Judy


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