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Jacob Dahlgren

I discovered the work of Jacob Dahlgren last week who I gather is a Scandinavian artist. He creates works like those pictured above that are created from prefabricated items. He brings these items together en masse in a playful manner. The works are frequently very large scale inviting spectators to interact with the work. I

Exhibition Video

Cut-Click Cardiff: Exhibition Installation from Sp:ke Dennis on Vimeo. Whilst hanging the Cut-Click mail art exhibition at the Milkwood Gallery last week I my DSLR set up to shoot this time-lapse video of me hanging the show. I thought it would I nice little way to document the exhibition in addition the usual photographs which

Olaf Breuning

I’ve been enjoying the work of Olaf Breuning over the last week. He works across a range of disciplines such as drawing, photography and sculpture but it’s his playful installations are right up my street; often combining found objects with hand made items. He takes a range of references from right across the breadth of

Jason Hackenwerth

I stumbled over these by Jason Hackenwerth over the weekend. I love the scale of the pieces especially given the temporal nature of the works. Te organic/biological forms combined with the bright colours really appeals to me. I’ve not really move towards the realm of making large objects before but looking at these I see

Chiharu Shiota

I’ve been having a look at the work of Chiharu Shiota lately who is a Japanese artist currently working out of Germany who exhibited at the Haunch of Venison earlier this year. I’m not so keen on some of the performative aspects of her practice; it was the use of multiple found objects that initially

Sophie Cave

I just stumbled upon this piece ‘Floating Heads’  by Scottish artist Sophie Cave that was exhibited at the Kelvingrove Gallery in Glasgow earlier this year. The surreal nature of the work really grabbed my attention. The lighting also gives the work an overly dramatic look, especially when combined with some of the expressions of the faces, that