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Pandorum: The Persistence of Memory

This little essay is still something of a work in progress but I hope will act as an aid to understanding the work, and possibly my practice in general. The roots from which Pandorum evolved are alluded to in the title: Pan-dor-um: A disease founded by emotional triggers, a feeling of fear. Thinking you can’t

Empty Shop Open

The Empty Shop Open launches on the 28 January 2011 at Empty Shop HQ in Durham. As a part of this event you will have an final opportunity to experience my installation, Pandorum, a site specific piece of work that is hanging in the Stairwell Gallery at Empty Shop HQ. The Celebrations will commence at

Interval: A Narrative Psychosis

I made the trek up to Manchester again yesterday to go and see an exhibition (installtion?) entitled Interval: A Narrative Psychosis by Kai-Oi Jay Yung at the Cornerhouse gallery. I had, earlier in the week, booked myself in to attend a presentation that the artist was giving about her work in the gallery that afternoon

Tetsumi Kudo

“No matter how, it is important to think about the relationship of polluted nature to the proliferation of electronics…the decomposition of humanity (humanism) and the old and traditional hierarchy of values.” –Tetsumi Kudo, 1971 I just discovered these images of Tetsumi Kudo’s work via the inernet as a retrospective of the artist’s work at the

Shih Chieh Huang

I’ve just stumbled across these installation artworks by Shih Chieh Huang, who is an artist from Taipei now residing in the US. His work has been described as artificial organic environments. This can be seem most evidently in works such as Organic Concept (pictured third from top). Although I’m drawn to Huang’s work I find


I really like the look of this installation that was created by Japanese architects Tetsuo Condo for the 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice recently. There are no smoke machines at work here, the clouds were generated in much the same way that the clouds in the sky above are formed. Bizarrely I had been pondering