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Image from the British Library
Spike Dennis on Illustration Radio
Radio Cardiff 98.7FM
Exquisite Corpses by the Pack of Wolves
Once Upon Again | Winns Gallery
Illustration Research - Science, Imagination & Illustration by Ian Whadcock
Jabberwocky Shadow Puppet Performance
Laura McKellar Embroidred Photograph
Star Sailor Sampler by Spike Dennis & Layla Holzer
Once Upon Again Exhibition Poster by the Pack of Wolves at Milkwood Gallery
Work in Progress: Punch & Judy Puppets
The Art of Incredipede by Thomas Shahan
Once Upon Again Sketches - Baba Yaga
Charmed Illustration Exhibition | The Print Market Project 2012
Ruth Mansley - Unicorn with Leg Warmers
Manifesto - Ink on Paper by Spike Dennis
Venn Diagram via happy2Bsad
Collaborating with Layla Holzer
To The Woods, To The Woods...
Collaboration with Layla Holzer
Collaborating with Layla Holzer | 2012


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