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Shewolf T-Shirt Giveaway

Having written the names of all those lovely people who entered onto some lurid green scraps of paper last night. I put all the entrants names in my upturned woolly hat for the red one to draw out a name at random and I can now announce that the winner is…..Cat_2802. Click the picture above […]

Bestial T-Shirts

I spent the Saturday just gone holed up in the print studio experimenting with some of my drawings as screen prints. After experimenting with a handful of drawings I settled on producing a test run with one of my bestial drawings. I produced a very short run of tee shirts using the she wolf drawing […]

Plastic Milk

I’ve been conducting a little experiment over the last couple of days to create a plastic from milk using a little heat and a splash of white wine vinegar. It’s gone pretty well so far. Although my final lump of plastic pictured is a little cracked because I left it setting too long before moulding […]