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Arctic Sketchbook (Page 6)
Anna Gensler aka Instagranniepants objectifies men who objectify women through drawing
Stockholm Fringe Festival 2013 Sweden
Exquisite Corpses by the Pack of Wolves
The Brightest Star | Spike Dennis 2013
A Collaboration between Alex McErlain and Alice Kettle
Chris Glynn - Drawing in Between Seminar & Exhibition
England's Unicorn Sketch
Exhibition Planning Sketchbook | Spike Dennis 2013
Pen & Ink Bab Yaga Drawing on Paper | Spike Dennis 2012
Vasilissa Pen & Ink Sketch | Spike Dennis 2012
Once Upon Again Sketches - Baba Yaga
Venn Diagram via happy2Bsad
Mail Art by Toby Joe Holzer
Mail Art by James Green
Scan.It | Spike Dennis 2012
Mail Art by Veronica Lindsay-Addy
Six by Four Exhibition | Motorcade Flashparade 2012
PaperGirl Cardiff 2012 | Image by Sophie Barras
On The Map: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hastings 2012
Mail Art | Spike Dennis 2012
On The Map (Hastings) - Exhibition Flyer


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