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Maurizio Anzeri - Portrait Yellow
Cluedo Quilt by Monica Dennis
My Sewing Tool Kit
The Hobby Horse publication - Century Guild of Artists
Sew Sexy Pin Cushion | Spike Dennis
Computer Game Needlecraft by Per Fahger - Crafted Worlds at Stene Projects (2011)
Mothers Of Africa quilt square by Maggie Cullinane
Leigh Martin - Knitted Forms of Funghi
Laura McKellar Embroidred Photograph
Starry Georgian Embroidered Sampler
Goldfrapp Neon Hot water Bottle Cover
A Walk in the Secret Garden by Nell's Embroidery
Synchronous Red Hermaphrodites 817 | Spike Dennis 2013
#imapiece Jigsaw Piece | Spike Dennis
Rhidian Brook Thought for the Day
Gold Caviar Embroidery
Pita García Sexual Feminine Embroidery
Scythia: Fibremen 3 Fibre Art Exhibition
Mimilove Forever Embroideries by Karen Grenfell
Woodcut Work in Progress
Work in Progress: Woodcut Transfer | Spike Dennis 2012
Cowbridge Christmas Craft Sale


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