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Architectural Threads by Takahiro Iwasaki

Miniature Architectural thread Sculptures by Takahiro Iwasaki These miniature architectural thread sculptures by Takahiro Iwasaki are really quite amazing. The picture at the bottom really gives you a sense of scale and shows just how tiny these creations are. That they’re also made of thread is also staggering since it’s not a rigid materials one […]

Knitting Machine Hack & Glitch Knit

Knitting Machine Hack & Glitch Knit Glitch Knit is a project by Tokyo based artists Nukeme, So Kanno and Tomofumi Yoshida. For this project the team hacked a Brother knitting machine which is used to transform glitch data into something physical and beautiful. Glitch is data or digital information that is damaged or corrupted. You […]

Kayla Mattes’ Internet Inspired Textile Art

Kayla Mattes’ Internet Inspired Textile Art I stumbled across Kayla Mattes’ textile art on the @BrwnPaperBag blog. She’s an interesting artist who makes use of contemporary sources of inspiration in the production of her work and it’s her use of material sourced via the internet that piqued my interest given my own use of content […]

SEIZE: Overtime Exhibition, Leeds

Sieze: Overtime Exhibition – Art and the Office, Leeds 26 – 29 March 2014 Wellington Park House 25 Wellington Street (entrance via Thirsk Row) Leeds LS1 4WG OVERTIME is an exciting new art exhibition that explores the difference between office spaces and the artist’s studio. SEIZE Leeds ahs invited 26 artists, including myself, to respond […]

David Catá’s Hand Embroidery

David Catá’s Hand Embroidery David Catá is a Spanish artist who works with embroidery and uses his own body as a canvas. He has created a series of portraits of people who have had an impact on his life by stitching their faces onto the palm of his hand. These temporary embroideries have been documented […]