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Con-Textiles-Isation Exhibition, Edinburgh

Con-Textiles-Isation Exhibition, Kalopsia, Edinburgh The Pack of Wolves have been invited to show a recording of their Punch and Judy performance from “Once Upon Again…” at Kalopsia’s new exhibition “Con-Textiles-Isation” in their Edinburgh gallery space. The exhibition will explore the intersection between performance art and textiles. Performance and Textiles are two strands of artistic practice […]

Artist Video Interview: Erin M. Riley Artist Video Interview: Erin M. Riley I came across this great little video interview with Erin M. Riley the other day. I’m very familiar with Erin’s work and have had the pleasure of exhibiting alongside her in a couple of shows over the last year or so but I hadn’t seen this interview before. […]

Recording Punch and Judy the Movie

Recording Punch and Judy the Movie I’ve been assisting Layla Holzer with production of her latest film project, Punch and Judy. We previously collaborated to produce a traditional Punch and Judy glove puppet show as a part of the Pack of Wolves’ Once Upon Again exhibition. You can view a video of that performance here. […]

New Folk Visionaries Exhibition, London

New Folk Visionaries Exhibition, London The Bell, Walthamstow, London, E17 31 May – 15 June 2014 New Folk Visionaries is a new exhibition concept from the Pack of Wolves that will explore our collective interest in folk art traditions in the 21st century. It will be a presentation of neo-folk art from five artists emerging […]

Programming Wilder Man’s Pixelated Eyes

I’ve been working on the creation of my very own Wild Man costume lately. This is a outfit that I intend to use a part of some forthcoming video performance works spawning from my unicorn studies. The transformation of man to beast is a central aspect of traditional pagan rituals that are centuries old and […]

Leah Emery’s Cross Stitch Porn

Leah Emery’s Cross Stitch Porn It was a delight to stumble across Leah Emery’s cross stitch porn recently. She is an Australian artist who has been cross stitching graphic scenes from hardcore porn films for a number of years. Apparently she exhibited alongside me at the Stitch Fetish exhibition in Los Angeles earlier this year […]