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Leah Emery’s Cross Stitch Porn

Leah Emery’s Cross Stitch Porn It was a delight to stumble across Leah Emery’s cross stitch porn recently. She is an Australian artist who has been cross stitching graphic scenes from hardcore porn films for a number of years. Apparently she exhibited alongside me at the Stitch Fetish exhibition in Los Angeles earlier this year […]

Fragmented Memory by Phillip Stearns

Fragmented Memory by Phillip Stearns Fragmented Memory (2013) is a series of three large woven tapestries by American artist Phillip Stearns. The production of the work combined digital practices with the physical act of weaving and explores the intersection between data visualisation with textile design. Using a variety of software such as Processing and Pmem […]

OVERTIME Exhibition Video

https://vimeo.com/93395954 This is a nice little video taken of the OVERTIME exhibition in Leeds organised by SEIZE. The exhibition took place in March this year and featured my ‘Bedsheets not Spreadsheets’ embroidery. You can see a few photographs from the exhibition on my blog here.

‘MADAMI’MADAM’ Embroidery by Elaine Reichek

MADAMI’MADAM Embroidered Samplers by Elaine Reichek Elaine Reichek is an artist based in New York City. Much of the research underpinning MADAMI’MADAM was completed as a part of a residency that she undertook at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, in 2001. MADAMI’MADAM is a group of sixteen hand-embroidered samplers referring to Genesis and the […]

Architectural Threads by Takahiro Iwasaki

Miniature Architectural thread Sculptures by Takahiro Iwasaki These miniature architectural thread sculptures by Takahiro Iwasaki are really quite amazing. The picture at the bottom really gives you a sense of scale and shows just how tiny these creations are. That they’re also made of thread is also staggering since it’s not a rigid materials one […]

Knitting Machine Hack & Glitch Knit

Knitting Machine Hack & Glitch Knit Glitch Knit is a project by Tokyo based artists Nukeme, So Kanno and Tomofumi Yoshida. For this project the team hacked a Brother knitting machine which is used to transform glitch data into something physical and beautiful. Glitch is data or digital information that is damaged or corrupted. You […]