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“NSFW” Solo Exhibition

I am happy to be able to announce that The Sho gallery will be hosting my solo exhibition entitled NSFW; an exhibition of new work featuring interactive hand embroidered objects and short films featuring my glove puppets. The exhibition is open from the 24 March until the 4 April 2015.

The Lost Lectures – Jake Chapman Jake & Dinos Chapman are two of the most controversial figures in the art world – with Dinos suffering with an explosive bout of ‘diarrhea’ his better half, Jake, did us proud (ish) by sharing a few thought on life, love and art by answering audience questions from a hat. The result, about as

Programming Continuous Rotation Servos with Arduino Programming Continuous Rotation Servos with Arduino Having completed the stitched elements of my latest piece of work I’ve now moved on to constructing the mechanics that will support this embroidered pieces. This has involved learning how to programme continuous rotation servos with Arduino. I’ve dabbled with Arduino in the past for fun so have

Cross Stitched Panels Complete

Work in Progress: Cross Stitched Panels Complete So after several months work, and somewhere in the region of 400 hours of stitching, I’ve finally completed all twelve panels for my latest piece of work. The panels have been sewn together, in four groups of three, to create triangular structures as pictured above. All that’s left

Lonely Sculpture (aka Tinder Finger) Lonely Sculpture (2014) is a sculpture by artist Tully Arnot. It’s a relatively simple idea but it’s a fantastic and humorous comment on current trends with regards to new technology, apps and online dating. A smart phone loaded with the Tinder app is placed beneath a mechanical silicone finger which repeatedly taps on the

Kathy Halper’s Social Media Inspired Embroidery

Kathy Halper’s Social Media Inspired Embroidery Kathy Halper is a textile artist based in the United States. She finds source material for embroidered artworks through the internet, more specifically though social media networks like Facebook. The content for Kathy’s embroidered drawings is sourced from status updates and photographs post online by teenagers. By embroidering these

Glitch Test Image

Glitch Test Image This is a little animated GIF made from some glitched images of my Wild Man. I’ve been working with a corrupt image for a new cross stitch project that I’m currently working on as a way of obscurring some of the content in the image. I’m also interested in the ways that