Spike Dennis' Artist Blog


Kalopsia Contextiles-Isation Exhibition Performance Textiles Edinburgh
Stop Motion Video Experiment
Erin M. Riley Contemporary Tapestry Fibre Textiles
Punch and Judy puppets by Layla Holzer
Adafruit Neo Pixel Rings
Fragmented Memory Glitch Weaving
Offcut Collaborative / Pheobe Walsh and Millie Johnson at Seize OVERTIME
MADAMI’MADAM by Elaine Reichek
The Crimea Cup '14 - Embroidered Subbuteo Cloth by Spike Dennis
Takahiro Iwasaki miniature thread architectural sculptures
Glitch Knitting by Nukeme (Artist, Tokyo)
Kayla Matte - Woven AIM Chats Textile Art
David Cata Embroidered Hands
Green Screen Unicorn Puppet Glove
Memory Clouds by Minimaforms Interactive Light Art Installation
Kalopsia - What Is Textiles? Exhibition 2014 Edinburgh
Stitch Fetish 2 - Electric Boogaloo
Unicorn Dating | Subversive Cross Stitch by Spike Dennis
Kalopsia Collective - What is Textiles? Open Call
Work in Progress - Hand Embroidered Medieval Cross Stitch Samplers


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