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Winter Threads

I’m starting work on the final four panels for my latest piece of work and with that I’ve bought a new batch of embroidery thread to get me started. Fittingly for this time of year it’s quite a wintery palette I’m working with. It’ll no doubt be well into the new year before I have […]

C’est Celestial

https://vimeo.com/107371480 ‘C’est Celestial’ – One woman’s bittersweet memories of love. Experimental video art featuring re-appropriated 80’s pornographic footage from 35mm film reels. Co-directed by composer Marina Elderton (of C’est Celestial) and filmmaker Artemis Evlogimenou. I really rather like this short film by Artemis Evlogimenou and Marina Elderton. In many ways it reminds me of some […]

Twenty First Century Unicorn Hunting

Twenty First Century Unicorn Hunting This blog post outlines some of the background research that informed my “Hunt for the Unicorn” embroideries. It highlights the ways in which I’ve used symbolic references and metaphors, both in terms of content and materials, to reinforce some of the themes that I have been exploring through this work. […]

Made in Roath Open Exhibition Prize Winner

Made in Roath Open Exhibition Prize Winner I’m very chuffed to have been selected as one of the winners at the Made in Roath open exhibition in Cardiff this week. The exhibition is currently open at The Sho Gallery and was judged by Chris Brown (G39) and Ben Borthwick (formerly Tate, Artes Mundi). The exhibition […]

Bonnie Lucas’ Textile Assemblages

Bonnie Lucas’ Textile Assemblages As my practice has evolved over the last year or so I have started to move back into three dimensions as well as time based and performative practices rather than being focused on drawing and embroidery. With this in mind I have been taking a look back at uses of textiles […]