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Stacey Page Embroideries

I found this work by American artist Stacey Page on Twitter last week. I’ve seen embroidery onto old photographs done a few times but I think this is the most exciting results I’ve come across combining stitch and photographs. She has taken the photographs into a completely different realm. It feels a little like Stacy […]

A Rain of Birds

This beautiful embroidery is the work of Ukrainian artist Ivan Semesyuk. He works in paint and creates sculptures too but it’s textile work that stands out strongest. If you have a little rummage through Semesyuk’s website you’ll find some beautifully embroidered creatures from birds like those pictured above to much more monstrous beasts. >> www.semesyuk.com

Happy Red Fish Embroideries

I found the work of the Happy Red Fish on Behance this week. These collages are made from a combination of printed ink images and hand embroidered thread which makes for quite beautiful images. The Happy Red Fish have experimented with a few different combinations of sewn and embroidered materials which includes plush toys made […]

Pinhole Photography

These are two images I created using a home made pinhole camera whilst on a trip to Southerndown beach when I was in college many moons ago. I discovered them again recently after a spring cleaning session. The first (white) image is the original negative that would have been housed in the pinhole camera; the […]