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Happy Red Fish Embroideries

I found the work of the Happy Red Fish on Behance this week. These collages are made from a combination of printed ink images and hand embroidered thread which makes for quite beautiful images. The Happy Red Fish have experimented with a few different combinations of sewn and embroidered materials which includes plush toys made […]

Pinhole Photography

These are two images I created using a home made pinhole camera whilst on a trip to Southerndown beach when I was in college many moons ago. I discovered them again recently after a spring cleaning session. The first (white) image is the original negative that would have been housed in the pinhole camera; the […]


Say hello to Invictus*, the first hobby-horse I’ve created as a part of my polycorn-posse. For those who don’t already know Invictus is the result of my current Unicorn-Porn project. The project initially started with an inquiry into some Welsh myths and legends and has since morphed into this body of work which, amongst other […]

Dragon Dance Lanterns

I stumbled across these lanterns which were produced by the Dragon Dance Theatre group for their Bestiary performance. I’m not sure exactly how these have been constructed but I imagine they could be made made rather cheaply with black card or even foam core. The result is certainly effective and having just completed my first […]