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Dragon Dance Lanterns

I stumbled across these lanterns which were produced by the Dragon Dance Theatre group for their Bestiary performance. I’m not sure exactly how these have been constructed but I imagine they could be made made rather cheaply with black card or even foam core. The result is certainly effective and having just completed my first […]


This is a little recording of a rather crude sonic-textile-art synth that I made with Syntjuntan at the Arnolfini in Bristol this weekend. It’s a very simple construction made using conductive thread. You can see me controlling affecting the sound by means of a light dependant resistor which has been sewn in to the circuit. […]

Circle of Life Embroidery

This is the first of two large embroideries I’ve been working on. It’s completely hand stitched with cotton thread on canvas. I’ve had it framed unmounted floating in the glass which is why it appears on a black background in one image and a white background in the other. I have to say I’m pretty […]