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Lonely Sculpture (aka Tinder Finger)

https://vimeo.com/93852159 Lonely Sculpture (2014) is a sculpture by artist Tully Arnot. It’s a relatively simple idea but it’s a fantastic and humorous comment on current trends with regards to new technology, apps and online dating. A smart phone loaded with the Tinder app is placed beneath a mechanical silicone finger which repeatedly taps on the […]

Kathy Halper’s Social Media Inspired Embroidery

Kathy Halper’s Social Media Inspired Embroidery Kathy Halper is a textile artist based in the United States. She finds source material for embroidered artworks through the internet, more specifically though social media networks like Facebook. The content for Kathy’s embroidered drawings is sourced from status updates and photographs post online by teenagers. By embroidering these […]

Winter Threads

I’m starting work on the final four panels for my latest piece of work and with that I’ve bought a new batch of embroidery thread to get me started. Fittingly for this time of year it’s quite a wintery palette I’m working with. It’ll no doubt be well into the new year before I have […]

C’est Celestial

https://vimeo.com/107371480 ‘C’est Celestial’ – One woman’s bittersweet memories of love. Experimental video art featuring re-appropriated 80’s pornographic footage from 35mm film reels. Co-directed by composer Marina Elderton (of C’est Celestial) and filmmaker Artemis Evlogimenou. I really rather like this short film by Artemis Evlogimenou and Marina Elderton. In many ways it reminds me of some […]