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Stitch & Glitch

Stitch & Glitch I’ve been working on something a little different lately; following my recent adventures in the mountains to the north I’ve started to embroidered into some of the photographs that I took there. I’ve been sharing snippets like those pictured here via my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Not wanting to give too much

An Embroidered Taylor Swift Tweet

@TaylorSwift13 – An Embroidered Taylor Swift Tweet This is a hand embroidered copy of a tweet posted by Taylor Swift in October 2014. I hand embroidered Taylor’s tweet using cotton thread on a cotton ground. It looks like Taylor’s original tweet has received a couple more retweets since I embroidered it! I wish I could

The Elder Tree The Elder Tree by Moth Rah & Layla Holzer ‘The Elder Tree‘ is the new single from London based musician Moth Rah (aka Cassandra Solon Parry). The song, described as a dark folk lament, is taken from Moth Rah’s new Wild Wedding EP which is available from her Bandcamp page here. I had a

“NSFW” Exhibition Photos

“NSFW” Exhibition Photos My solo exhibition at The Sho gallery has now ended. Thank you to all those who made it down to the gallery. The feedback from the show was overwhelmingly positive and the work prompted some excellent discussions! You can view a couple of images of the exhibition below, and you can also

Embroidering Photographs of the Dead

Embroidering Photographs of the Dead There are a number of artists working with embroidery and appropriated imagery at the moment. Many of these artists make use of old (‘vintage’) photographs. Following on from some new work I’ve been creating it’s interesting to note how these images are received. They are frequently regarded as aesthetically pleasing,

VectorDrift Glitch Art Melting Unicorn VectorDrift Glitch Melting Unicorn This is a little sketch I created as I continue my glitch art experiments. The still image of the unicorn glove puppet was distorted using a Processing sketch called VectorDrift written by textile/glitch artist Philip Stearns which is available to download via GitHub. The Processing sketch allows you to distort